Its such a perfect day
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A coldplay blog but occasionally i post other bands :)


I’m planning to open the tinychat room on Friday with the concert at E-Werk, Cologne! The concert starts at 9 pm (go here to see what time it will be in your city), and the room will be open at 8 pm. Everybody can listen live the concert on 1LIVE and everybody is welcome to join us!

Coldplay at E-Werk, Cologne, Germany (April 25)

- 1LIVE Player

- Tinychat room

See you there! xx

Coldplay Logic


Silent for three years, then start making announcements and posting songs every three seconds


Coldplay - Oceans (Live @ BBC Radio 1 on April 23, 2014)


Coldplay : Ghost Stories prime-time TV Special to be broadcast around the world in May. More info at


chris can’t stop saying “the end” after performing most songs live if this continues during the live shows it’s gonna become the next “is everybody okay?”



Captain America saved the world twice now and all it cost him was two Bucks





IF ME CALLING YOU DUDE OR GURL CAUSES YOU TO HAVE DYSPHORIA YOU SHOULD tell me because you being comfortable is so much more important than some stupid slang 

or when if i call you “man” because i know i do that a lot. please tell me if it causes dysphoria or just makes you upset in general. because i will stop because i love you.

Same goes if I call you “dear” or “deary” because your comfort is more important than a word

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